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At Titan, we’ve engineered a breakthrough technology based on the proven science of ultrasound. Our team has applied the ultrasound concept to lithium-ion batteries, delving deep into their inner workings to provide intelligence on any battery’s state of health, state of charge, and safety parameters—at any stage of its life. Using actionable insights we deliver quality assurance during cell manufacturing, increased performance and safety during a battery’s first life in ESS, EVs or consumer electronics applications, and rapid and accurate battery diagnostics to enable safe repurposing into secondary applications, making the battery management lifecycle safer and greener.

Our ultrasound technology leads to longer-lasting and better-performing batteries, making battery lifecycle management greener and safer, all at a fraction of the cost of legacy battery technologies. It is battery intelligence based on sound science.


Our ultrasound technology can be applied through the battery lifecycle to deliver:
– Quality assurance during cell manufacturing
– U-BMS, embedded ultrasonic U-BMS, which enhances the performance of battery management systems by providing real-time data of a battery’s state of health, state of charge, and safety parameters
– Scorpion, a pioneering battery diagnostics system designed to deliver fast and accurate evaluations of a battery’s condition once it has been removed from an EV for the applications of maintenance and/or second-life applications.

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