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Company Synopsis

Spiers New Technologies Inc (SNT) is the leading full-service provider of “4R” services (repair, remanufacturing, refurbishing and repurposing) for advanced battery packs used in hybrid and electric vehicles. SNT’s 4R services allow vehicle OEM’s to optimize the life cycle management of their battery pack inventory and maximize its value. SNT offers a “one stop” solution for battery life cycle management including: Qualitative Analysis and safety screening of battery packs that have been removed from their original vehicle; Logistics Management of vehicle battery packs and modules, including monitored, climate-controlled storage, dealer network management and end-of-life recycling preparation; Repair and Refurbishment of vehicle battery packs for redeployment in vehicles; Remanufacturing vehicle battery packs and modules for second life deployment in non-vehicle applications.

Featured Products

Battery Remanufacturing, Refurbishing, Repurposing and Repair (4R Services)
Battery Logistics & Transportation Management
Energy Storage Contract Design and Manufacturing
Technical Consultation and Analysis
Battery Recycling Preparation & Management
Battery Root Cause Analysis

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