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Company Synopsis

Salient is a Canadian start-up company that is developing a water- and zinc-based analogue to the lithium-ion battery for the stationary storage market. The advanced zinc-ion battery is unique among major battery chemistries in that it values cost, service life, and safety over the traditionally more important metric of energy density. Our zinc-ion battery has a lower cost of materials than lithium-ion and its water-based chemistry makes it safer than lithium-ion, with zero risk of fire and explosion. It is built with abundant, non-toxic, and ethically sourced materials that are recyclable. We have been able to do this while using the same manufacturing processes as lithium-ion, making it a technology that can be rapidly and inexpensively scaled.

Salient has developed a novel positive electrode material that can intercalate zinc cations. We have also developed a proprietary zinc electrode that ensures zinc deposits uniformly during recharge of the battery, which is important because non-uniform deposits can lead to short-circuits and premature failure. Successful commercialization of this novel zinc-ion battery technology would lead to the increased adoption of renewable energy sources.

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