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Koura is a long-standing global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts that advance lives, whether through developing sustainable medical propellants that power 75% of the world’s metered-dose inhalers, pioneering a range of low global warming potential refrigerants or enhancing lithium-ion battery electrolytes to result in people and planet-friendly formulations.

Today, the Koura team is working closely with its customers and manufacturers to develop customized fluorinated battery electrolytes and other battery materials that offer improved safety, performance and environmental outcomes. Koura’s portfolio of fluorinated materials includes a wide variety of functions, characteristics, and physical properties, and we are actively partnering with leaders in the battery industry to tailor and commercialize fluorinated additives and co-solvents. Electrolytes are only one aspect of Koura’s strategy for battery efficiency. There are already some commercially used fluorine materials in batteries today, but the next step for Koura is to become one of the key suppliers of these materials to an integrated supply chain in Europe, the UK and US. We are creating strong partnerships here, building on the high demand market for salts and fluorinated binders for batteries and creating a more localized supply chain. Another area we are exploring is battery recycling. As part of the Orbia community, Koura is focused on building purpose-driven business activities, and we know lithium-battery recycling is an important step in combating rising e-waste. We’re working to make this operation scalable and there is still a lot of work to be done here, but it’s very much of interest to Koura and an area we’re continuing to develop.


Advanced fluorinated materials for li-ion batteries, Koura electrolyte solutions, Koura Refrigerants, Zephex Medical Propellants, Acidspar, metspar, HF, AlF3

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