Company Synopsis

ITeC is the leading global virtual battery processor. We serve battery manufacturers, recyclers, and collection programs by providing innovative global recovery solutions that maximize both environmental sustainability and economic return while providing full traceability across the processing chain for all types and chemistries of consumer and industrial batteries.

Through our Global Partner Network, ITeC has a presence in 12 countries on 4 continents. This network includes logistics and transportation partners, processing and metals recovery partners, and our own logistics and (soon) processing facilities; it’s the highest capacity, most flexible battery processing network in the industry, giving us a current global processing capacity of 5,000MT per year on target to double by 2021.

Each of ITeC’s partners and facilities is licensed by national and local governments, certified by relevant NGOs, and compliant with all regional regulations in each region in which we operate. ITeC guarantees the accountability, transparency, and integrity of our processing chain from the time we take ownership of your materials at your dock to the time we deliver final recycled outputs to their intended destination.

IT eCycling’s customized, innovative battery recycling solutions optimize materials recovery and economic value for clients while mitigating potential business risks and environmental impacts.


Our services include:
– Secure packaging and transportation management
– Sorting of batteries based on chemistry and other criteria
– Shredding, processing, and refining to facilitate materials recovery
– Materials recovery of ferrous, non-ferrous, minor, and precious metals
– Reporting both during the recycling process and post-process on recovery rates

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