Company Synopsis

Indie Power Systems designs and builds full-stack energy management systems. This included energy management software, power electronics hardware, and Battery Management Systems. Battery Management Systems include the software and hardware for Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Our Battery Energy Storage Systems can integrate any combination of battery chemistries, new and/or used.

Indie Power Systems was the first to deliver a Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System comprised of Secondary-use Pb-A batteries and new Li-ion.

Indie Power Systems was also the first to deliver a 100% Secondary-use commercial Battery Energy Storage System integrating 208 used Camry Hybrid Vehicle batteries.

Indie Power Systems was the first to develop a true “plug and play” BMS for BEV secondary-use Li-ion batteries.


Battery Management Systems
Energy Storage Systems
Secondary-use Battery Energy Storage
Energy Management Power Electronics Hardware
Energy Management Software
Microgrid Management Systems
EV Charging Stations

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