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Company Synopsis

Global Battery Solutions is a pioneer in the development of the 4R’s approach to Battery Life Cycle Management (repair, remanufacture, repurpose and recycle). We engage in EV battery pack refurbishment and create post-vehicle value for batteries through second life applications. GBS has a full commercial electronics lab and is uniquely specialized in EV power electronics and components refurbishment programs. Additionally, we are an innovation shop with the ability to provide our customers with custom solutions in wireless power/charging and ASIC development.

Featured Products

Battery Life Cycle Management Services

InCelligent Cell™ (ICC) Wireless Advanced Battery Monitoring

OEM EV Battery Pack Refurbishment

Solar+ with Second Life Applications for Batteries (Energy Storage Systems)

EV Electronics/Components Refurbishment (including BMS, motor controllers, inverters,
converters, etc.)

Custom Wireless Power/Wireless Charging Solutions

Custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit Development

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