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Company Synopsis

We are the digital transparency company. Our lifecycle management solution drives transparency along the electric vehicle battery supply chain from the extraction of critical metals and minerals. Through intelligent labelling solutions, lithium-ion batteries can be seamlessly connected with the Everledger blockchain platform, enabling higher security, record immutability and privacy. Stakeholders can gain full visibility over a battery’s location, condition, health score, and which metals could be recycled for use in new batteries.

Last year, Everledger was awarded Phase 1 funding by the United States Department of Energy for two pilot programs to trace the lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries using blockchain and Internet of Things technologies. This project is a collaboration with Ford Motor Company, Retriev Technologies and Global Battery Solutions, connecting stakeholders in Ford’s electric vehicle battery lifecycle to ensure optimal management and responsible recovery at end-of-life.

Featured Products

The Everledger platform creates secure and permanent digital records of an asset’s origin, characteristics and ownership across its lifetime, benefiting those industries and companies that face strict requirements to evidence the provenance and traceability of their products.

Our enterprise-grade blockchain platform provides a secure record of an asset’s origin and journey by surfacing the asset’s lifetime story.

We create customized blockchain-enabled solutions for the following industries:
1. Batteries
2. Electronics
3. Diamonds
4. Gemstones
5. Luxury Goods
6. Art
7. Wine
8. Insurance
9. Apparel

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