Company Synopsis

EnPower, Inc. is a battery technology company developing high energy, high power lithium-ion cells for electric vehicles, defense applications, and other specialty markets. The Company’s patented multilayer electrode architectures solve the inherent trade-off between energy and power in the lithium-ion battery, enabling high energy density cells to charge three times faster and generate 70% higher power without adding cost to the unit cell and without degradation to the cell’s service life.

The technology has been validated by an automotive OEM and EnPower is currently sampling ~7Ah pouch cells to prospective customers.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, EnPower has a 240 kWh/year pilot manufacturing facility to support rapid prototyping and testing of 3.5-7.0Ah stacked pouch cells. The Company plans to build a 200-MWh facility to support its commercialization plan starting in late 2021.


EnPower is currently sampling ~7Ah Li-ion pouch cells to prospective customers. If you’re application demands both energy & power in the same cell, contact us for sampling or joint development:

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