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Company Synopsis

DuPont Transportation & Industrial (T&I) delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the transportation, electronics, healthcare, industrial and consumer markets. T&I partners with customers to drive innovation by utilizing its expertise and knowledge in polymer and materials science. T&I works with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments.

DuPont’s AHEAD  (Accelerating Hybrid-Electric Autonomous Driving) initiative uses our materials science and electronics expertise to provide a broad/differentiated portfolio of technology and solutions for the e-mobility market creating innovation and growth opportunities for vehicle electrification and supporting infrastructure. Our solutions impact:
• Lightweighting, durability, NVH, thermal management, safety
• Connectivity/sensing/control for automation and driver assist capabilities (ADAS)
• Battery pack components and assembly
• Electric motor components
• Powertrain/chassis components
• Electrical/electronic applications
• Charging infrastructure

Featured Products

BETASEAL TC thermal interface material for thermal management in battery pack assemblies

BETAMATE structural adhesives for assembly of vehicle body structures and components including battery packs

Delrin® family of high-performance polymers for sensing/control/connectivity components in vehicle structures, battery pack assemblies, electric motors and chassis/powertrain applications

Kevlar® safety and thermal management materials

Nomex® safety and thermal management materials

Pyralux® materials for sensing/control/connectivity applications

Vamac® halogen-free, low-smoke wire and cable jackets and insulation materials

Zytel® family of advanced polymers for lightweighting, safety/thermal management and sensing/control/connectivity applications in vehicle structures, battery pack assemblies, electric motors and chassis/powertrain

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