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DuPont Mobility& Materials (M&M) delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to the automotive, electronics, industrial, consumer, medical, photovoltaic and telecom markets. DuPont M&M partners with customers to drive innovation by utilizing its expertise and knowledge in polymer and materials science. DuPont M&M works with customers throughout the value chain to enable material systems solutions for demanding applications and environments.
Backed by global Centers of Excellence for automotive electrification, our experienced teams can help accelerate assessment of reliability, performance, cost optimization and time-to-market, as well as focus on drivers for consumer adoption such as fast charging and improved range and safety.


  • BETAFORCE™ TC thermal conductive adhesives for battery pack assembly can be used to bond an active cooling unit to battery cells or modules and can enable reduction of battery pack weight by up to 30kg
  • BETAMATE™ structural adhesives for assembly of lightweight vehicle body structures and components including battery packs
  • BETATECH™ thermal interface material helps manage heat during charging and vehicle operation, enhancing safety and longer service life
  • Delrin® family of high-performance polymers for sensing/control/connectivity components in vehicle structures, battery pack assemblies, electric motors and chassis/powertrain applications
  • Vamac® halogen-free, low-smoke wire and cable jackets and insulation materials
  • Zytel® family of advanced polymers for lightweighting, safety/thermal management and sensing/control/connectivity applications in vehicle structures, battery pack assemblies, hybrid bobbins, electric motors and chassis/powertrain
  • Zytel® and Crastin® orange materials for high reliability, performance, and safety in high-voltage components
  • Zytel® and Zytel® HTN electrically friendly, heat-stabilized nylon materials increase the durability of EV components for better safety, efficiency, and connectivity performance at different temperatures

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