Company Synopsis

Digatron offers battery testing, formation, aging and assembly equipment. Our systems work with any battery chemistry, fuel cells, and supercapacitor systems. We offer testing equipment for cells, modules, and packs. Our systems are used around the world to develop electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and simulation systems for well-known OEMs in mobility, energy storage, battery manufacturers for R&D and EOL. We offer a regenerative version of these systems where the discharge energy from one channel or circuit can be used to charge another. The net savings results in less energy draw and less heat generated by our systems.
Our lead acid formation systems are used globally with leading manufacturers offering starter, start stop and motive batteries. Please ask us how our lead acid formation systems can save money.

Our pilot scale pouch and cylindrical assembly, formation and aging systems for lithium-ion cells enable universities and R&D groups to ability to produce and provide quality cells and focus on their chemistries for specialty applications.

Digatron serves customers globally with manufacturing, service, engineering, and sales, based in Germany, USA, China, India, and Italy.


Pilot Scale Pouch and Cylindrical Li-Ion Assembly Line
Pilot Scale Pouch and Cylindrical Formation and Aging Chamber
Manufacturing End of Line Test Systems
Regenerative Cell, Module and Pack Test and Formation Systems
Formation Rectifiers

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