Company Synopsis

Daikin Industries is the world’s foremost developer and manufacturer of fluorochemical products. Daikin meets new, global challenges with innovative technology, advanced engineering, and technical expertise backed by experienced service and support.
Fluoromaterials use in lithium-ion batteries is increasing to reach industry goals of high capacity, improved safety, and long life. Daikin has various commercial solutions for lithium-ion batteries and is developing materials to support the next-generation of batteries, like solid-state. Daikin works with our customers to find the optimal materials for their needs, as well as assisting with battery evaluation and extensive user support.

Better chemistry, easier processing, higher performance – Positively innovative


– Binder materials – Neoflon VT
– Binder additive materials – Neoflon VT475 and PTFE
– Electrolyte additives and solvents
– Gasket materials – Neoflon PFA
– Binder with SWCNT

Daikin America Inc

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