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Blue Solutions manufactures all-solid-state energy storage solutions that are safe, have high-energy density and performance that can be sustained in challenging environments. We are part of Groupe Bolloré, a Global 500 company, founded in 1822.

Our Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP®) batteries have been installed globally for over a decade. They have a long life, are safe, and operate in a wide temperature range (-30C to +65C) without cooling. And they carry a strong warranty not based on temperature or depth of discharge.

The EV packs have powered thousands of electric vehicles of all sizes in excess of 500 million miles. The stationary solutions provide resilient energy storage in 35+ microgrids and grid-connected projects. LMP® solutions are built at two vertically integrated factories in Canada and France where we manufacture the cells, modules, packs and stationary racks. We have the most dedicated team supporting the success of vehicle manufacturers and renewable energy integrators. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your project!

Global customers include Daimler EVOBUS (12 and 18m, throughout Europe), Custom Bus Denning Element (Australia), Mallaghan airport bus, Blue Bus (12m, France), Blue Bus (6m), Style & Tech 9m lightweight design (Canada), and Gaussin Port Tractors (Ivory Coast, Qatar, and New Zealand).


All-Solid-State battery packs for EVs
Battery Management System
DC all-solid-state energy storage racks (250kWh and 400kWh)
Battery Packs

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