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Arkema’s Kynar® PVDF is used as a binder in both anodes and cathodes, as well as a separator coating for Lithium Ion Batteries. Kynar® HSV series provides exceptional adhesion in electrode binder applications, which allows for lower binder loading and higher cell capacities. The Kynar Flex® LBG series provides excellent adhesion, stability and wettability properties for the separator coating applications. Both resin technologies are global, industry standards in the Li-ion Battery market. Kynar® PVDF is available in powder, pellet, and aqueous forms. In addition to the famous Kynar® PVDF binders, Arkema also provides high performance electrolyte salts LiFSI and LiTDI, and Carbon Nanotubes (CNT).


Electrode binders
– Kynar® HSV 1810
– Kynar® HSV 1800
– Kynar®HSV 900

Separator Coating Binders
– Kynar Flex® LBG
– Kynar Flex® LBG 8200
– Kynar Flex® LBG 2200 LX

Electrolyte Salts and Carbon Nanotubes

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