Company Synopsis

AquaLith Advanced Materials, Inc. supplies proprietary materials for cathodes, anodes and electrolytes utilized in lithium-ion batteries.


1) Cathode Technology: AquaLith’s chemistry is high energy, nickel and cobalt free and generates 60% more energy than chemistries such as NMC, LFP, LCO and NCA. The AquaLith solution offers energy density of 1,020-watt-hrs./kg utilizing lithium halide salts (LiBr and LiCl). AquaLith achieves a 50% cathode cost reduction by eliminating transition metals from cathode chemistries.

2) Anode Technology: Silicon is one of the most promising anode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Due to the volume expansion and contraction (~300%) during the cycling, silicon anodes suffer serious pulverization of the fragile solid electrolyte interface (SEI), which leads to the consumption of the electrolyte and rapid capacity decay of the silicon anode. AquaLith’s silicon anode creates a mechanically stable, high modulus SEI that accommodates the volume change of the anode and delivers ultrahigh cycling stability. This approach offers significant cost advantages due to the use of low-cost, micron sized silicon particles while retaining high capacity (2,800 mAh/g) and providing long cycle life.

3) Electrolyte Technology: AquaLith’s water in salt (aqueous) electrolytes allow lithium-ion batteries to operate safely at broad temperature ranges (-50C to +50C) and in the event of a thermal runaway the non-flammable electrolytes do not burn.

AquaLith Advanced Materials, Inc

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