Company Synopsis

American Hyperform (AH) was formed by Novis Smith, PhD to develop new and improved hydrometallurgical processes for recycling lithium ion, lead acid, NIMH, and alkaline batteries which recover the highest value products at the minimum cost. In addition, AH also focuses on new salt and processes for lithium chemicals including electrolyte chemicals such as LiPF6 and related salts. AH also has extensive experience in the low cost production of ultra capacitor salts and ionic liquids including the quaternary ammonium tetrafluoroborates. AH seeks joint development partners in the lithium ion and other battery recycling for commercialization opportunities. AH has just successfully completed a DLA Phase I SBIR which has resulted in one new patent application in its first full year of active operation. Novis Smith has previously been awarded over 14 US patents in lithium ion, NIMH, lead acid, and alkaline battery recycling when he was VP technology at Retriev up to 2016.


New low cost lithium ion battery recycling process
New low cost alkaline battery recycling process
New low cost lead acid battery recycling process
New low cost NIMH battery recycling process
The lowest cost process for producing lithium battery grade lithium hexafluorophosphate

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