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Air Products is a world-leading Industrial Gases company in operation for nearly 80 years. The Company provides industrial gases and related equipment to dozens of industries, including refining, chemical, metals, electronics, manufacturing, and food and beverage. Air Products has the experience and know how to help reduce cost, improve productivity, product quality and safety. Air Products offers high-quality gases, applications technologies, equipment, and services to meet lithium-ion battery production requirements, including oxygen-enhanced combustion systems, extrusion die cooling, annealing and sintering atmospheres, inerting, and on-site gas generation. For more information about Air Products, go to:


  • Industrial gases (nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide) in bulk and on-site supply modes
  • Atmosphere solutions and controls for inerting, annealing and sintering
  • Oxygen-enhanced combustion systems
  • Welding gases and services
  • Cryogenic liquids
  • Process audits and optimizations
  • Safety products and solutions

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